MFK - Course - Spine
Spine – Advanced education

Refresh your view of body diagnostics

Studying the Spine diagnostic module you will get knowledge that will leave a lasting impression on your client. In one diagnostic you will find two different views on the spine. One in which the vertebrae are blocked and the other one, in which they are free/loose. The look at a client's healthy spine will motivate them and therefore be put to a good use. The desire to feel good and move smoothly will allow them to take responsibility to take the matter of the health of their spine into their own hands.
You will learn to diagnose
vertebrae blockage.
4 parts
of the MFK course
The course consists of four parts. Online theory, one day of practice under supervision of a lecturer, a month long practice with 20 clients and a one-day final exam with the lecturer. After your successful completion of the course you will receive a certification to use the studied MFK web application module.
Online theory
Separately at home
Practice with clients
20 hours in your own space
Practice with a lecturer
1 day in the Institute
The final exam
1 day in the Institute
Spine Diagnostics

You will learn to diagnose both structural and functional pain in the muscle system.

online theoretical study
The Spine module in the MFK app
20 licences in the MFK app
2 days practice under lecturer’s supervision
Certification to use the Spine module in the MFK app
21.07.2024 – 21.07.2024
5 000 CZK

The online theoretical study is available immediately, the practice starts on dates selected by you.

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Online theory
Start whenever you want, study wherever you want

The online part of the course contains theory in different forms such as videos, scholar texts, stories, quizzes or crossword puzzles.

The practice with a lecturer

You will have one day with a lecture to put your theoretical knowledge into practice. You will make sure all information you have received in the course is clear, because you will try to go through several model situations with a model patient with the MFK application yourself.

Practice with clients in your own workspace.

You will try to use the module in the MFK app on your computer in your own workspace. You will accumulate at least 20 experience and create stories that you will share at your final exam with the lecturer later on.

20 spine diagnostics
You set the price for therapy yourself.
Consultation with the lecturer
You can still consult any uncertainties with your lecturer.
Enough time
This practice lasts maximum of 1 month.
Final exam

In your final exam you will introduce the lecturer to the findings from your own practice. You will clarify the diagnostics of your clients from the perspective of the new MFK training module. You will demonstrate your new MFK diagnostics knowledge in an interview. Finally, you will prove how you can diagnose a client using the MFK application and assure the lecturer that you can talk about the diagnosis.

Choose the date of your training
Find a lecturer you will combine your interest and their availability with. The result of that can be a study managed with ease.
21.07.2024 – 21.07.2024
The MFK method is

Precise diagnostics and therapy in five steps

With the MFK method you will become a movement therapist that knows how to deal with pain and imbalance of human movement. You will further your practice and heighten your professional credibility.


Expand your
MFK Basics knowledge

If you successfully finished MFK Bacics and you still have valid qualification in the body care disciplines or requalification in the regeneration field you can start with the study of the subsequent Spine diagnostic module.

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