MFK - MFK Method
MFK Application

An individual approach for

Our software analyses your current state and discovers the true cause of your pain. It gives you a personal therapeutic recipe for your nervous, muscular and joint systems.

5 steps
of the MFK Method:


An essential conversation
Your memories of old injuries and current problems are written into a map of your body in the MFK software. Stories about your pains, surgeries, and scars are written down there.
We will uncover your scars, troubles, injuries, operations. You will be surprised at everything your body has been able to cope with.
Pain scale
We will note down the intensity of your current sensitive spots – any pulling, pressure or twitching in your body.
Mapping changes in pain intensity over time supports our collaboration in removing your problems.
leftright sides – next!
Before we treat you, we need to find out how your muscles work.
Muscle Test
The therapist and client work together – they explore muscle function and write down if a tested muscle is working well, or if there is some weakness, tremor, blocks.
41 Tests
During the testing, the client will put their hands, legs, body and head in a variety of positions. The examination is simple, painless and does not require any special preparation for the client.
Quick Results
The test takes only few minutes. Almost everyone can do all these movements - the therapist gains valuable information for diagnosis and therapy.
Find out how your whole body works.

The aim of this test is to examine muscles from all over your body. We do not focus only on body parts connected to your pain or diagnosis. Our technology accounts with all your movement limiting irregularities and can uncover even hidden root causes of your problems.


Take a look in the mirror
The map reveals blocks in your body.

a visual representation of the blocked parts of your muscular system


Terapeutická mapa myofasciálních spoušťových bodů


Terapeutická mapa fibromyalgických bodů


Terapeutická mapa bolestivých oblastí svalového úponu, vaziva a šlach


Terapeutická mapa zdravých oblastí svalového systému


Terapeutická mapa stimulačních bodů

Spinal Cord
Oa visual representation of the blocked parts of your muscular system
The client’s subjective feelings of pain can be understood and the root causes of the current functional limitations of individual muscles uncovered.
See what’s happening inside your body.

The MFK System application enables you to look at the current state of your muscular system, andthe functioning of other related systems. It displays nerves, muscles, spine, joints, and internal organs. It also allows you to see patient history, development, the character and intensity of pain.


Well thought out care, created for this moment.
The MFK System uses tested techniques that get immediate results.

therapeutic map for stimulation of surface fascia

Trigger points

Therapeutic map of myofascial trigger points

Tender points

Therapeutic map of fibromyalgic points


therapeutic map of painful parts of muscle tentacles, ligaments and tendons

Active Zones

therapeutic map of the healthy parts of muscular system

Reflective Zones

therapeutic map of stimulation points

Trigger points
Tender points
Active Zones
Reflective Zones
therapeutic map for stimulation of surface fascia
The MFK System lists the specific surface fascia suitable for unblocking using therapeutic techniques. The program creates a unique therapy tailor made for your current condition.
Find the precise place to apply pressure

The MFK Method helps the therapist to know where and how intensively to treat the problematic muscles. This sensitive approach and expertise of our trained therapists are critical to the success of this method.

registers the body’s improvement
The MFK System helps us to immediately evaluate the impact of the therapy.
In conclusion, we re-test the muscles with blocked functions.
You will feel how some muscles are working again.
Key to success
A brief test of the muscles at the end will prove to you and your client that the treatment worked.
Verify the result yourself

The muscle test after treatment will confirm the selected MFK treatment method worked. Muscle tests that made your hands shake during the initial test can now be performed with confidence because of the expert care provided for all your motoric system.

What can the MFK Application do?

It helps therapists and clients to understand and treat our human motor system together.

Recognizes movement limitations
Helps you to understand sources of pain
Visualizes subjective problems
Has an effective formula for pain treatment
Communicate information visually
Respects connections between body systems
Maintains history of treatments
Creates tailor made therapies
Communicates with clients online
Present outcomes on the web
Gives you support of an online application
Maintains all your course materials
Respects GDPR
Safely encodes all data