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At a time of the Velvet Revolution in the Czech Republic, freshly graduated physiotherapist Martina Končalová became interested in the development of information technologies. At that time, computers were not yet part of physiotherapy as they are now. The professional world of physiotherapists was focusing on the success of already established manual methods. They did not believe that it was even possible to connect diagnostic and therapeutic activities with a professional computer program. However, Martina knew that the progress of information technologies could not be stopped. One day, she decided to put the knowledge gained from her studies and the skills acquired from practice into use and started working on creating a computer program that contained the first important facts about human movement and its laws. This is how the first MFK program was created.
The development of MFK in time
PaedDr. Martina Končalová
Author of the MFK Method


PaedDr. Martina Končalová studied physiotherapy at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports at Charles University towards the end of the 80s. Putting her study into practice she realized it is not in human power to always accurately name and resolve every pain. That is why she decided to create a diagnostic navigation that will be understood not only by the therapist, but also the patient.

First program

The founder of the MFK method started creating the first version of the MFK application for physiotherapist in 1989, when she was 25 years old. She started with only one diagnostic graph and one therapy option.


The usually provided care is based on the primary decision of professionals. Engaging a pacient into cooperation is very difficult, which is why Martina decided to give people information about their health since the beginning in a way so that they would take the whole process seriously.

„The thing I Iove most about MFK therapy is that it rebalances my whole body, including my mind. It focuses on the body as a whole system in a way that no other method I have encountered in my long sports career ever has. Every time I get a treatment at MFK, I feel I have done something positive for my body. I should also mention that MFK helped me to better understand, and be more aware of my body.“

Barbora Špotáková, two-time Olympic champion in Javelin Throwing

Did you know…

The MFK has been a trademark since 1996. It is an abbreviation of the first letters of the author’s names – Martina Končalová – and physiotherapy, the profession she studied for.

Textbooks, schooling, students…

The MFK method effect is always so immediate that the experts were very skeptical about a computer based professional care in the beginning. For that reason, Martina decided to publish the description of her method in a textbook for physiotherapists. The teaching also reached students who got to know MFK firsthand and formed their own opinion on it.

Konference MFK

MFK Conference

The MFK supporters wanted to meet up to share their experience and receive news, but it wasn’t easy for just one person to organise a conference for dozens of listeners. However, on April 15th 2011, under the auspices of the President of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, the first conference with international participation was organized.

Křest knihy Metoda MFK - Barbora Špotáková, Martina Končalová, Petr Bříza, Patrik Berger

The book

Computer technology wasn’t common in physiotherapy in 2009 and it was difficult to clarify the nature of its use in it. However, Martina was determined to give other educated experts a tool that would help them become top-notch physiotherapists, which is why she wrote her first publication called The MFK Method-Information science in physiotherapy, whose patron was the athlete star Barbora Špotáková.

Vědecké ověření Metody MFK

Scientific verification

Martina knew that it was a big problem for science to diagnose functional motor disorders (FMD), because it is necessary to do a clinical laboratory or device examination, which is always difficult and expensive. In 2014 Martina and her colleague thought of clinically verifying the MFK method and thus solving the problem of diagnosis and therapy of FMD. Today, the results are of great benefit not only to science, but also to clinical physiotherapy and the patients themselves.

The development of MFK in time


Studying physiotherapy at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports at Charles University. Starting her physiotherapy career. First ideas about the principles of human pain, illness and health are being brought up. Windows 3.0 allows to screen digitally. The first simple MFK program that contains a graphic map of the spinal cord system and a therapeutic technique helping stimulate reflex areas is being created.

1992 - 1995

The program is in its testing phase. New opportunities are arising. New Windows 95 technology enters the market which allows more intuitive operation of the program.

1996 - 2001

MFK trademark registration. The creation of the program focuses on the development of the diagnostic part. It expands to include diagnostics of the spine, musculoskeletal system, projection of the nervous system on the skin and the system of internal organs. Windows 98 allows to add an encrypted USB key to MFK. The first education of students is underway. In Windows 2000, MFK is able to store its history.

2002- 2005

Teaching the method at the PaedDr. Ilona Mauritzová Higher Vocational School in Pilsen. Cooperation with sports clubs - basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, handball, football, cycling, rowing, weightlifting, gymnastics, swimming, athletics. Media coverage of the MFK method on Czech Television. Physiotherapists are being trained at the 2nd Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague. Students work on their bachelor's theses using the MFK program.


Establishing the MFK Centrum, LTD. with its registered office in Prague. The MFK project is gaining more momentum. Collaboration with multiple experts from different professions. The graphic side of the project is prepared by the Ing. Miroslav Bochňák‘s company Atelier. Creating a company logo. Naming the program MFK System. Registering two MFK Centrum and MFK System trademarks.

2007 - 2009

The new version of Windows contributed to the creation of the MFK System program. The program includes a full range of therapy options, including word therapy - Psychosomatics. Publication of the MFK method in the book: MFK method – information science in physiotherapy. A two-year educational project for physiotherapists and workers in regeneration is being implemented, which is financially supported by the European Social Fund.


Book launch of the Czech version of MFK Method – Information Science in Physiotherapy with patrons Barbora Špotáková, Petr Bříza and Petr Berger. A translation of the MFK method book to English is published: Končalová, M. MFK Method Information Science in Physiotherapy. Teaching at the 1st Faculty of Medicine at Charles University in Prague. Publications on MFK: Marková, M. Methode MFK Science in physiotherapy, journal Czech and Slovak Neurology and Neurosurgery 2010.


April 15, 2011 - The 1st International MFK Physiotherapy Conference – Information Science in Physiotherapy, under the auspices of the President of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Prof. Ing Jiří Drahoš, DrSc, dr. h. c.. Presenting abroad at a Swedish clinic in Umeo. Describing the MFK method in a textbook for physiotherapists: Gúth, A. and collective. Therapeutic methodologies in physiotherapy. Bratislava: Liečreh 2011.


A project to support students and university graduates interested in science and research in physiotherapy is financially supported by the Prague Operational Program and co-financed by the European Social Fund. June 5, 2012 - Žilina Slovakia - Institute for Lifestyle Options and Longevity workshop.


June 9, 2013 - The 2nd International MFK Physiotherapy Conference - We create our life stories - With MFK physiotherapy we get to know their true value.


January 24, 2014 - Interdisziplinärer Fachkongress für Physiotherapeuten, Ergotherapeuten und Logopäden Conference, Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna. Magdalena Marková's team (including Martina Končalová, Ulrika Aasa, Erik Singh, Fredrik Tapani and others) starts working on the scientific verification of the MFK method.


November 2015 – The 3rd International MFKl Physiotherapy Conference - Regeneration gives life strength, with MFK physiotherapy we get to know its true value. A lecture in Grosschönau in Austria-MFK Method - Rehabilitation of the new generation. Educational project called Education by practice for parents - therapists without previous work experience. The scientific activity of the Magdalena Marková team continues. Bachelor Theses examples: KOŠŤÁLOVÁ, Johana - Application of Manual Physiotherapy Correction in patients with multiple sclerosis. Charles University in Prague, 1. Faculty of Medicine, 2015. BEZEMEK, Denis - Application of Manual Physiotherapy Correction in patients with cerebrovascular accidents. Charles University in Prague, 1st Faculty of Medicine, 2015.


The MFK education is online, 56 professional videos are made, 300 pages of texts are written. The scientific work of the team of Magdalena Marková (with Martin Chvál, Kamila Řasová, Gabriela Angelová, María Procházková and others) continues, focusing on patients with multiple sclerosis.


The MFK System desktop application is being replaced by a web application. Since then, MFK has been accessible to all users from anywhere and without the need for installation on a PC. The MFK System application and online education are translated into German and English. The scientific work of the team of Magdalena Marková (with Martin Chvál, Markéta Pavlíková, Kamila Řasová and others) continues, focusing on a clinical study with patients with multiple sclerosis.


The 4th International MFK Physiotherapy Conference - Science verifies reality. Dozens of professional works on the topic of verification of the MFK method are presented. The MFK application is translated into German.


The MFK Institute, which organizes the training of MFK therapists and MFK lecturers, is founded. The MFK web application and online education are translated into Japanese. Online training of Japanese therapists and lecturers is underway. The clinical practice of MFK has begun at the Grospertholz spa in Austria.


Even during a period restricted because of the pandemic, we were and are still training new MFK therapists! A new web presentation at is currently online - this is coupled with our MFK System application for our therapists. The web application has English, German and Japanese versions available.

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