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MFK Basics,
an important education for all

A Solid Foundation for Your Practice

Take a look your profession from a different angle. Get an interdisciplinary overview, learn on how to apply the MFK Method of 5 Steps your own way of working. Our Basic Training will enable you to: get a detailed anamnesis from your patients; correctly perform muscle examinations; diagnose your patients using MFK’s segmental projection of body systems; perform the therapy of reflex zone stimulation; and how to conduct a check-up at the end to figure out how successful the therapy was.

Check up

You will discover how to apply your skills in a professional way which will give you self-confidence. You will create your own method tailor made for you and your clients, and will be able to provide them with the maximum effectiveness of your skills.

There are 4 sections
of MFK Training
In the first, online theoretical part there are 120 slides, 56 videos and 11 tests. This is followed by 2 days of hands-on training with expert trainer where you will review the whole process of MFK Method in detail. For practicing in your own professional practice, you will receive 60 credits for the MKF application. Once you successfully pass the two days of final exams, you will receive a certificate of completion, and will be able to use the MFK web application to treat patients on your own.
Theory online
Basics of MFK method
Practice with clients
60 lessons in your own space
Practice with MFK Trainer
2 days in the training centre
Final exam
2 days in the training centre
If you have a valid qualification certificate in a body care field, or a requalification in a regeneration field, you can start your MFK Basics training program anytime.
Basics MFK Method

You will learn to apply the five steps of the MFK method and diagnose muscles.

Training includes:
Online education – 120 slides
2 days of hands-on training with expert trainers
60 computer system credits to be used by you in your learning process
2 days of final exams
You receive MFK Method Certification - upon successful completion of course and exams
Available training dates
21.09.2024 – 21.09.2024

Choose a different date

27 500 CZK

The online course is available immediately after payment. The start date for the subsequent practical part will be chosen by you.

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Accurate diagnostics and physical therapy in 5 steps

The MFK Method will enable you to become a movement therapist who can deal with the pain and imbalances of the human body. Enhance your practice and advance and increase your professional value.

Take part in the stories of people

In your own space equipped with computer and internet, during 60 hours of practice with the application of MFK Method you will test it on your clients who are curious, cooperative, and want to enjoy how their body feels.

Start whenever you want, study wherever you want!

The online part included in MFK theory will be delivered to you in a variety of different study methods such as videos, crosswords, expert texts, stories, and quizzes.

It is up to you how long it will take you to complete the course. Nevertheless, please count with the fact that you have to start the theoretical training at least 1 week before starting the hands on one.

The theoretical online course of MFK Principals has 8 modules that show you how to work with MFK method. You will delve into items like Profession, Anamnesis, Examination, Diagnosis, Therapy and Check-up. You will look deeply into the sections: Graphic Diagnosis of Spine Segments and Therapeutic Stimulation of Reflex Zones.

Training MFK Basics
A comfortable place to learn and grow in your work!
The theory learning takes place online. All the meetings with instructors, 2 days of hand on training and 2 days of final exams take place at MFK Institute, Žitná 7, Praha 1, 110 00. Your own practice with clients takes place in your location dedicated to your business.
Hands on training with expert trainers

You will use the wo days with the expert trainers to verify the theory in practice. You will make sure all the information gained during the online course is clear to you. You will begin to live your knowledge through your own body and test a model situation – how to apply the MFK method in practice.

Practice with your own clients

After that your task is to perform at least 60 therapies with different clients in your own practice – in a place equipped with a computer and internet connection in order to access the MFK application. You will be gaining experience and create stories to share during the final exam with your expert trainer.

60 muscle tests
From now on, the price you charge for therapy is up to you.
Consultations with our experts
You can consult any unclear issues with your instructor
Enough Time
This practice takes 3 months.
Final Exam

During the examination, you will share some findings from your own practice with your trainers. You will tell the stories of your clients within the MFK Method. You will affirm your MFK knowledge and skills. Finally, you will show live how you can treat a client using MFK method. This will convince the trainer not only that you can apply the MFK steps, but you also want to live them with your clients in your own practice.

Select Your Training Date
Choose the expert trainer that connects to your interests, and the available training date. The result will be a study program you can easily handle…
21.09.2024 – 21.09.2024
28.09.2024 – 28.09.2024